Face to face counselling

The counselling room provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to start the process of counselling and psychotherapy. When life becomes difficult to cope with, counselling will allow you to be able to talk through your problems with an experienced, qualified professional to understand the difficulties and feelings they create within us. As a trusting relationship is built with the counsellor, the process of counselling will provide insight into how we express our feelings and how we deal with them, and how we relate to people so that we can make better decisions for our future. Face to face sessions last for an hour and are held weekly. Counselling and psychotherapy can be on either a short or long term basis. Call or email us now with an outline of what your concerns are and we will organise an appointment to meet our counsellor at a time convenient to you. Sessions are held at our office in Noke, near Oxford. However, we are able to offer some home visits, depending on location an extra charge may apply. Please see our FAQ for details on fees and appointment times.

On Line counselling

Living a modern life style can mean that sometimes life becomes too hectic to be able to attend weekly face to face counselling sessions. Sometimes our work means we are constantly travelling, or we find it difficult to be able to leave the house, maybe due to health reasons or young children. Our On line counselling service may provide you with the opportunity to explore your problems remotely with an experienced , qualified counsellor. If you would like to use this service, please email an outline of what you would like help with and we will email you back a response. Bundles of 750 word responses can be bought. Having a written response , allows you the opportunity to review the response several times over. Alternatively, an instant messenger style conversation can be used for 30 minutes or an hour at set weekly intervals. Email us now to see if online counselling will be appropriate for you. Please see our FAQ for details of our fees.

Telephone counselling

telephone counselling is ideal for those who are unable to travel to see a counsellor face to face, or would prefer to have a confidential counselling session from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office, or it may just be you prefer the anonymity of telephone counselling. Calls to a designated landline number can be made to a fully qualified, experienced telephone counsellor at a time convenient to you. Each session lasts 30 or 60 minutes depending on your requirements and will always be with the same counsellor. Choosing our telephone counselling service means that there are no waiting times involved to see a counsellor and we aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.Telephone counselling gives you the opportunity to discuss your issues with our counsellor so that you can understand your concerns more clearly and find a better way forward for your future.To use this service, please either email, or call with a brief outline of your concerns so that we can assess if telephone counselling will be suitable for you. If you deciede to proceed we will then set up telephone counselling sessions, which will be payable in advance using our secure payment options. Please see our FAQ for details on fees.